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Guitar (1).gif (5285 bytes)Welcome to the music sectionGuitar (1).gif (5285 bytes)
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Here are some of my favourite songs and albums from some of the bands I love

-From 523619kq839m3zgi.gif (3592 bytes)

   1.Not For Your Ears
-Further Away; Whisper 2002; Everybody's Fool; Anything For You; Imaginary; Tourniquet; Taking Over Me; Haunted; Bring Me To Life

2.The Open Door
-Lose Control; Lacrymosa; Cloud Nine; Call Me When You're Sober; Sweet Sacrifice; All That I'm Living For; Weigh Of The World

3.Evanescence(Self Title)-my fav
-What You Want; Made Of Stone; The Other Side; Erase This; Sick; End Of The Dream; Oceans; Never Go Back; Say You Will; Disappear

4.The Bitter Truth
-Broken Pieces Shine; The Game Is Over; Yeah Right; Feeding The Dark; Better WIthout You; Use My Voice; Take Cover; Blind Belief

-From Freak KitchenFreakBlinkieBar.gif (1565 bytes)

1.Land Of Freaks
-God Save The Spleen; Sick Death By Hypochondria; OK; Honey You're A Nazi; The Only Way; Murder Groupie; One Last Dance

2.Confusion To The Enemy
-Morons; Alone With My Phone; Confusion To The Enemy; Push Through; Auto; The Era Of Anxiety

-From We Are The Fallen

1.Tear The World Down
-Bury Me Alive; Burn; Paradigm; Don't Leave Me Behind; Through Hell; Without You; St. John; I Am Only One

-From Within' Temptation

1.The Heart Of Everything
-The Howling; What Have You Done; Our Solemn Hour; The Heart Of Everything; The Cross; Forgiven

-The Reckoning; Raise Your Banner; Supernova; Mad World; Trophy Hunter

Bonus:Paramore585919jvcdn2a99e.gif (1591 bytes)
-For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic; That's What You Get; Misery Business; Miracle; Crushcrushcrush; Pressure

Favourite of em all is:......
Imaginary by Evanescence, Fallen 2003